Karen Wolfe

Line Producer

"…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou

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Karen Wolfe is a New York based freelance Line Producer. She has been working in the Television and Film Production Industry for over 30 years.

Karen has produced projects in many forms, including television commercials, feature films, long form commercials and webisodes, branded content, print photography, and a made-for-television movie.

Karen began her film production career in 1993, starting out as a Production Assistant on various projects and quickly showed her herself to be extremely confident and competent. She advanced to Production Supervisor quickly, where she honed her skills until settling into her current role for over 20 years as a Line Producer.

In addition to television commercials, Karen also line produced a film adaptation of “The Exonerated” which aired on Court TV. Directed by Bob Balaban, it starred esteemed actors Susan Sarandon, Brian Dennehy, Delroy Lindo, Danny Glover and Bobby Cannavale. She also worked on the post production of two of Wayne Wang’s early features, “Smoke” and “Blue in the Face”, and produced numerous still photography projects for renowned photographers Peter Lindbergh, Mikael Jansen, Matthew Rolston and Michael Thompson.

Karen has been lucky enough to work in many international locations around the world, including Haiti, South Africa, Spain, The Bahamas, St. John, St. Thomas, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, and in over 30 cities in the US. She works bi-coastally as a local in both New York and Los Angeles.

Karen considers herself a valued, creative, and trusted partner, eager to come up with innovative solutions when needed to collaborate on how best to approach any given situation. She is a seasoned negotiator, with a subtle yet firm hand. Karen has comfortably managed budgets ranging from a shoestring to budgets in the millions of dollars, always using her well-established relationships with vendors and crew alike to find the best of both for any given project. She prides herself on being a strong manager while still maintaining a calm presence during all phases of the production process.

Karen was born and raised in Brooklyn and it remains her home today. She is the proud mom of two grown sons, and loves traveling, walking in Prospect Park, riding her Peloton, doing the Sunday NYT's crossword puzzle, eating good food (especially sushi!), and sharing a nice bottle of wine.